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Our Standards

Schofield Sales and Solutions is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products.

That’s why we put our products through a rigorous testing process to ensure that they meet our high standards.

Here are four of the testing methods we use to ensure the quality of our products:

Fabric Weight Testing

This test measures the weight of a fabric per unit area. Fabric weight is an important factor in determining the strength and durability of a fabric.

Tensile Strength Testing

This test measures the force required to break a fabric. Tensile strength is an important factor in determining the load-bearing capacity of a fabric.

Top Lift Testing Machine

This machine tests the strength of the top lift seam on a bag. The top lift seam is the seam that is most likely to be stressed during lifting and handling.

Ultra-Violet Radiation Testing

This test exposes fabrics to UV radiation to simulate the aging process. UV radiation can cause fabrics to degrade over time, so it is important to test fabrics for UV resistance.

Fabric Weight Testing

Fabric weight testing is a quality control test that measures the weight of fabric in grams per square meter (GSM). In this meticulous procedure, we carefully measure the weight of the fabric used in our products, ensuring that each component meets the highest standards of quality and durability.


Understanding that the fabric weight directly impacts the resilience and longevity of our offerings. By methodically analyzing and controlling the fabric weight of our products, we can guarantee their structural integrity remains intact. This also enhances our products’ ability to securely store and transport waste while also contributing to environmental sustainability.

Testing Standards:
Our tests are performed with an industrial-graded machine that specializes in measuring the weight of a fabric sample of known dimensions. If the fabric weight is too low, the fabric may be too weak or flimsy. Conversely, if the fabric weight is too high, the fabric may be too heavy or expensive.


By performing fabric weight testing on a regular basis, we capture important data and information on the ideal fabric dimensions to weight scales, replicating these ratios in the design and production of our high quality products. 

Tensile Strength Testing

Tensile Strength Testing procedure underscores our commitment to producing products that surpass industry standards. Through this rigorous process, we measure the mechanical properties and tensile strength of our containers, bags, and liners—the force they can withstand while being stretched or pulled.


With precision and care, our team of professionals ensures that each product boasts exceptional tensile strength, translating to reliability during usage. We understand that your materials are valuable, and by subjecting our products to stringent testing, we assure you that they are in capable hands, reinforcing our promise of quality, safety, and security.

Industrial Standard:

  • ASTM D751
    For testing coated fabrics (through the method of breaking strength)
  • ASTM D5035
    Using strip method to test the breaking force and elongation of textile fabrics.
  • ASTM D1683
    Testing the strength and efficiency of sewn seams in woven fabrics
  • ASTM D2208
    For testing soft, boarded, suede, or embossed leather
  • ASTM D5034
    Using grab test for testing breaking strength and elongation of textile fabrics
  • ISO 13934-2
    Examine the maximum force of textile fabrics using the grab test
Top Lift Testing Machine

Safety is one of our core values. Our Top Lift Testing procedure ensures that our offerings consistently meet and exceed the standards of durability and performance you deserve.


Our products are not only manufactured to capture large volumes of waste (6:1 SFR), they are made to last. By adhering to our specific safety guidelines, you can continue to utilize our multiple-use rated products without fail. 


Testing Procedure:
Top Lift Testing is typically performed on a specially designed machine that applies a controlled amount of force to the top handles of the bag or box. The weight of the material that is used to fill the bag or box is typically based on the company’s quality standards. By repeatedly testing our products, it helps us understand and modify our designs. This also guarantees our products maintain their material integrity throughout their lifecycle.

To safely reuse bags, FIBCA recommends the following guidelines are adhered to:

  • Remove all foreign matter from the interior of the bag.
  • Ensure that statically held dust is less than 4 ounces in total.
  • Replace the liner if applicable.
  • Replace web ties.
  • Replace labels and tickets that are critical to safe use of the bag.
  • Replace cord locks if necessary.
  • Lift strap damage.
  • Contamination.
  • Dampness, wetness, or mold.
  • Wood splinters.
  • Smeared, faded, or unreadable printing.

The manufacturer should maintain a record of the bag’s origin, the waste type collected with the bag, and the number of times the bag has been used.

Bags should be randomly selected for top lift testing. The frequency and quantity of bags that are tested will vary depending on the specific situation or manufacturer.

UV Radiation Testing

UV radiation testing is a critical quality control test for our waste management solutions. We evaluate the durability of our products to the effects of sunlight to ensure our composite materials remain intact to the effects of photochemical degradation.

Testing Standards:
Our products are exposed to artificial UV light for a period of time, the amount of which varies depending on the material and desired level of durability.

After the products have been exposed to UV light, they are checked for signs of degradation, such as:

  • Softening of outer surface/material
  • Loss of tensile strength
  • Brittleness
  • Color fading
  • Cracking
  • Delamination

Each procedure mentioned above stands as a symbol of our commitment to delivering waste management solutions that are not just products, but reflections of our care for your needs and the environment.



We are confident that our products are the highest quality on the market, and we are proud to offer them to you. 

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